5 Surefire Ways Your Fake ID Will Get Confiscated at a Show

5 Surefire Ways Your Fake ID Will Get Confiscated at a Show

Although you might’ve gotten past the doorman, the game isn’t over once you’re inside the venue. The jig could very well be up if you somehow give yourself away or send up a few red flags to the music venue’s security and staff, all of which might result in you getting thrown out the front door if someone gets wise.

As a follow up to our original post on how to sneak your way into a 21 and over show with a fake ID, here are some instances of when keeping it real can go very wrong.

1. Be familiar with the product you’re ordering so the bartender doesn’t see you make a disgusted face after you take your first sip. If you dislike what you ordered and say it’s not what you asked for, well, yes it is. You’re an inexperienced drinker because you’re young, filltrustid.com and that’s just not something you came blame on the person making your drinks.

You really don’t want to alert this guy to your fake ID.

Know how to properly pronounce what you’re asking for when you order a drink at the bar. My former roommate isn’t much of a beer chick, and she once referred to Guinness as « guyniss, » which she also thought was a type of liquor, not beer.

3. Winking at the bouncer or thanking him when he lets you in the door is a sign for the bouncer to pull you out and say, « I don’t think so. » Don’t look eager and don’t celebrate once you walk in because whoever is checking IDs will know what’s up. Sadly, scannable fake ids this means no high fives, fist pumps or touchdown dances.

4. Eliminate any situations where you might need to reenter the venue. Think twice about going outside to smoke a cigarette or make a phone call. You don’t want anyone to have to check your ID again.

5. Don’t get belligerently drunk really fast, or at all, for that matter. Not being able to hold down your liquor even halfway through the opening band’s set is not helping your argument that you’re 21 years old tonight. Be mature and don’t give anyone a reason to think you’re not of age. best fake id

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