American Fugitive Whitey Bulger Caught with Fake ID Cards

American Fugitive Whitey Bulger Caught with Fake ID Cards

Oct. 4, 2011 PRLog After sixteen years on the run fugitive James « Whitey » Bulger has been captured by American police officials. Bulger also known as « Whitey » due to his hair colour had been on the run in connection with nineteen murders and was found in an apartment in Santa Monica, California. Whitey was on Americas top ten most wanted fugitive list along with Terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Whitey was caught after American police launched a campaign to catch the criminal. When Bulger and his partner Catherine Greig were caught the police found a number of fake ID cards, the fake identity cards had different names. scannable fake ids The fake ID cards consisted of fake driving licenses, fake identity cards and fake social security cards.

Whitey Bulger was best known as an American gang leader in the seventies. The Irish American gang were known as the Winter Hill Gang and were based in Boston Massachusetts; they had connections with drug dealing, gambling and loan sharking. The Winter Hill gang worked as a protection racket for the Winter Hill residents. The American police turned a blind eye to the Winter Hill Gang due to Whitey working as an informant. He informed police on the crimes of other gangs in the area. scannable fake ids Bulger was tipped off about his upcoming arrest and decided to go on the run.

Bulgers family helped him and partner Catherine stay on the run by providing them with fake ID cards. It is unknown if the names on the fake identity cards are just made up or another crime of identity theft has been committed with the fake ID cards. Not only did the police find fake driving licenses and fake national ID cards but a large amount of cash and a number of firearms were also found at the property.

The James « Whitey » Bulger saga was so well known in America that a film was written by Martin Scorsese in 2007. The film was called The Departed and starred some of the best actors in the USA including Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Wahlberg and Jack Nicholson who played the part of Whitey. The sophistication of technology available to make fake ID cards played a large part in enabling Bulger and Greig to stay on the run for so long. best fake id Without the use of these sophisticated fake ID cards Bulger would have been captured years ago.

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