Arizona to begin issuing REAL ID cards on Friday

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Arizona to begin issuing REAL ID cards on Friday

« Citizens have until October 2020 to use their existing ID, » Eric Jorgensen, director of ADOT’s Motor Vehicle Division, said. « That gives them time to make the decision whether or not they need it, whether or not they want it. »

Jorgensen said there will be two noticeable differences between the new ID cards and existing driver licenses.

« If it is a REAL ID compliant license, Fake ID this one will have a little star on the upper corner of it, » Jorgensen said. « Any license [issued] that’s not compliant with the federal REAL ID Act [will] state on it, ‘not for federal identification.’ said another thing that separates current IDs from REAL IDs is the amount of documentation needed to obtain one of the new cards. passport.

They will also need one document to confirm Social Security information, such as a Social Security card or a W 2. Best Fake IDs

Residents will need two forms to establish proof of residency, such as a bank statement, utility bill or voter registration card.

In addition, driver license holders can visit 24 third party driver license providers throughout the state. The same documentation will be required.

The new travel ID cards will cost $25 and will expire after eight years.

Anyone who does not travel on planes or need access to restricted federal buildings or military bases does not need to get a new travel ID. Good Fake IDs Rather than getting the new card, Arizonans could opt to use a passport as a form of identification to get through airport security instead of a driver’s license.

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