Bali officials find dead officer’s ID cards as DJ David Taylor is accused murder

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Bali officials find dead officer’s ID cards as DJ David Taylor is accused murder

Bloodied clothes of Australian mother of two and her British DJ boyfriend discovered in bushes near where ‘they beat and stabbed a police officer to death’ in Bali

Sara Connor and her British boyfriend are accused of murder in BaliThey are accused over the death of Bali police officerWayan SudarsaBritish DJ David Taylor allegedly accused the officer of stealing a purseThe fight between Mr Taylor and Mr Sudarsa allegedly became violentBali police claim to have found bloodied clothes worn by pair on nightThey believe it was Ms Connor’s idea to destroy any linking evidenceBy

Bali officials claim to have found the bloodied clothes worn by Byron Bay mother Sara Connor and her British DJ boyfriend on the night they allegedly murdered a local police officer in a drunken rage.

Denpasar District Police Chief Hadi Purnomo said on Wednesday that police went to Jimbaran, near Kuta, overnight and found the belongings of Wayan Sudarsa whose bloodied body with 42 wounds was found on Kuta beach a week ago.

Police also said it was Ms Connor’s idea to destroy the evidence linking her and her boyfriend Mr Taylor to the alleged murder stashing and burning their clothes in a housing complex and then dumping Mr Sudarsa’s ID cards on the side of the road.

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Taylor (C, with hood) is escorted by police officers for interrogation at a police station in Denpasar

‘So we went again during the night and we found the wallet, ID card, police card, motorbike registration letter, phone (sim) card, hand phone case.’

‘It was put into a plastic bag and thrown away in Suluban Beach area in Uluwatu, South Kuta.’

He alleged that many of the cards had been cut up by Ms Connor and that it was her ‘idea’ to try to ‘lose the evidence’.

Police, he said, have also uncovered the remnants of burnt clothing the pair wore on the night Mr Sudarsa died and which they allegedly set alight in the hours before they were arrested on Friday.

Burnt fabric and a button was found in the bushes of Puri Gading Estate, Jimbaran, Mr Purnomo said.

‘Cutting (those cards) was Sara’s idea. Burning (the clothes) idea may have come from both of them, Good Fake IDs ‘ he added.

They have yet to find the police officer’s phone.

Ms Connor (pictured) has maintained her innocence over his murder, her lawyer Erwin Siregar said

Ms Connor and Mr Taylor have not seen each other since their arrest, having been held separately at Denpasar police station.

Earlier this week lawyers for the two said a scuffle broke out between Mr Taylor and Mr Sudarsa after Ms Connor lost her purse on Kuta Beach.

Local police claim Mr Taylor accused Mr Sudarsa, who was on duty at a nearby hotel at the time, of stealing Ms Connor’s purse and of being a fake police officer before beating him withbinoculars, a beer bottle and a mobile phone, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Mr Taylor confronted the police officer and the two fell to the ground as they wrestled, during which the officer allegedly bit Ms Connor on the leg and arm.

‘Then David said to the victim: ‘You are a bogus cop. Where’s my bag? Where’s my bag? F you bastard police.’ The officer said: ‘I don’t know.’ But he kept insisting, three times,’Denpasar Police Chief Hadi Purnomo said.

Mr Taylor then allegedly continued to hit Mr Sudarsa with a glass beer bottle as Ms Connor left to continue looking for her purse.

‘By then David had lost it and hit him repeatedly with the broken bottle, Best Fake ID websites causing the 17 wounds on the head. After the [officer’s] head was injured, [Mr Taylor] searched his body, his belongings, that’s how the victim’s clothes got unbuttoned and loose. The man had already lost consciousness.’

Ms Connor has maintained her innocence over his murder, her lawyer Erwin Siregar said.

‘Sara said that she (was) not involved with this murder, she (was) not involved at all with this murder,’ the lawyer said.

Her British boyfriend Mr Taylor has allegedly admitted to hitting Mr Sudarsa.

Mr Taylor’s lawyer,Haposan Sihombing, said Ms Connor tried to help her boyfriend in the struggle.

But her lawyer said she ‘insists that she was not involved with the murder at all’.

‘She saw from behind that Taylor hit the victim, but she did not know what he used to hit,’ the lawyer alleged.

Ms Connor’s ex husband, Anthony ‘Twig’ Connor,who is the father of her two sons aged nine and 11, was due to make a statement on behalf of the family in Sydney on Wednesday but decided not to front the media. Good Fake IDs

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