How do I renew my Portuguese ID card

How do I renew my Portuguese ID card

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Hey I am new here and I was just wondering why I cannot renew my IP. I have tried for a month or so now and Google search after Google search, I am getting more frusterated. fake ids I haven’t seen or heard of a problem like mine. The problem I am having is my IP address will not renew, yet I have anPortuguese ID card and passport renewal in London [ 1 Answers ]

I’m a Portuguese citizen originally from Macau and now live in the UK. My ID card has expired, which I understand that I need to renew before I can renew my actual passport? fake ids

I’ve been looking online for the appropriate application form and instructions with no avail. Any idea where I can findCan’t renew my IP address [ 7 Answers ]I have broadband cable Internet that keeps going off I believe it’s because my IP address won’t renew or that’s what it says. I’ve tried renewing it and it won’t work when I do ‘ipconfig’ the address starts with 169 and I’m led to believe it should start with a 192 (according to myPortuguese ID Card [ 1 Answers ]

Could you please advise what is required to get a Portuguese ID card. My father has an original Portuguese birth certificate and I would like to get a Portuguese Passport to enable my children to work in the EU. I am currently a citizen of AustraliaMany thanks for your help in this matter, Fake IDs .

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