lawmakers push bill for veterans ID cards

lawmakers push bill for veterans ID cards

State Rep. Mary Mushinsky, D Wallingford, and state Sen. Len Fasano, R North Haven, say giving Connecticut war veterans the card would enable them to take advantage of retail discounts offered by some merchants to those who serve their country. Mushinky and Fasano testified recently before the General Assembly’s Select Committee on Veterans’ Affairs in support of the bill. Scannable Fake IDs

The two lawmakers wrote the bill after meeting with John Anzidei, an Army veteran from Wallingford, who said he believes the problem of veterans being denied discounts to which they are entitled is more widespread than people realize.

« I’m not doing this for myself; it’s for the people who might fall thorough the cracks without something like this to help them, » Anzidei said. « I have four other members of my family who are all veterans and none of them have been able to take advantage of the discounts because discharge documents don’t come with a photo ID. I figured if there’s that many people in my family alone who had this happen to them, scannable ids there must be plenty of other veterans who could benefit from this. »

Mushinsky said that the Veterans’ Affairs Committee co chairman, Rep. Jack Hennessy, D Bridgeport, indicated it might be possible to create a veterans insignia on photo drivers’ licenses.

« The committee needs to be flexible and choose the most cost effective method of identifying veterans so this bill may have a bright future, » Mushinsky said. Good Fake IDs

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